USA, 2012, 11 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topics: Coming of Age, Family Friendly
Language: English

Paulie is a nine year old in the seventh grade. Used to being the smartest kid in the room Paulie aces every test, wins every spelling bee and science fair, and does not lose. So when bully Tony beats him one day at an essay contest, Paulie refuses to let it go.

DIRECTOR: Andrew Nackman
Producer: David Haskell, Chris Abernathy
Editor: David McCracken, Joel Townsend
Screenwriter: David Lee
Cinematographer: Alex Parker, Chris Kurose
Principal Cast: Ethan Dizon,Hardy Gatlin,Dawn Joyal,Jay Pennick,Sawyer Valin,Jarid Root,Nick Saso,Chris Abernathy,Christine Kellogg,Judy Durning,Michael Chey,Andrew Beckham

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Kool 4 Kids
75 min.
We packaged this delightful selection of short films with kids – from 6 to 60 - in mind. While each of the films provides excellent craftsmanship and great entertainment for adults as well as kids, none of them contains sex, nudity, bad language or violence, and all of them provide an uplifting stor... more

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