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Germany, 2011, 13 Minute Running Time
Topic: Drama
Language: German

Inspired by Billy Wilder's script for the silent German film, People on Sunday (1930), our Playtime is a seamless journey of German youth and innocence on a Sunday afternoon. From the early picnic at the beach to the end of the day, their carefree existence provides a laconic portrayal of a day off.

DIRECTOR: Lucas Mireles
Producer: Lucas Mireles, Ryan Slattery, Christopher Becker
Editor: Lucas Mireles, Nicole Kortlüke, Daniel Rakete Siegel
Screenwriter: Lucas Mireles
Cinematographer: Jens Nolte
Principal Cast: Jan Müller,Marylu Poolman,Markus Klauk,Tim Gutjahr,Malte Purschke,Philipp Giez,Paul Pieck,Ingo Baum,Alonso Zeller

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