Behind the Mirrors

Behind the Mirrors  {Detras del Espejo}

Behind the Mirrors
Detras del Espejo
Peru, 2011, 12 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
US Premiere
Topic: Thriller
Language: Spanish

A young husband, and soon-to-be father, manages a local brothel with his wife. When one of the night’s customers leaves behind an unexpected mess, the husband's keen eye for opportunity and quick thinking may change their fortunes forever.

DIRECTOR: Julio O. Ramos
Producer: Julio O. Ramos, Washington Bustamante
Editor: Carlos Marques Marcet
Screenwriter: Julio O. Ramos
Cinematographer: Phil Klucsarits
Principal Cast: Marcello Rivera,Mayella Lloclla,Carlos Cano de la Fuente,Susan Leon

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