Incest! The Musical

Incest! The Musical
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Incest! The Musical
USA, 2011, 23 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Musical
Language: English

Alex and his twin sister Katie have it all; smart, popular and the object of hot pursuit by other classmates, each of them is among the most sought-after kids in school. There’s just one problem: Alex is in love with Katie, and lately Katie has found something lacking in her boyfriend Mark. With the senior prom fast approaching, the siblings must decide how to deal with these feelings, which they can no longer deny. Will it be a night to remember, or a night everybody would sooner forget?

DIRECTOR: Grant Reed
Producer: Kai de Mello-Folsom
Editor: Regan Messenger
Cinematographer: Jordan Raabe
Music: Kai de Mello-Folsom, Grant Reed
Principal Cast: Barrett Crake,Katy Yoder,Robyn Mack,Tyler Mann,Kai de Mello-Folsom,Edward Cohen,Lisa Temple,Toby Guebert,Liza Dealey-Thomason,Malia Wright,Jennifer Levinson,Adam Sepulveda,Katie Gunderson,Nicole Javier,Alexa Giuffre,Gabriela Hankins,Bonnie King

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