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Austria, 2012, 20 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
Topic: Drama
Language: German,Serbian

On a wintry Vienna night, a young couple makes the decision to give up their child, knowing they cannot raise it and realize their own youthful dreams. Across town, another couple is desperate for a child of their own, with no way to conceive one. When the paths of these two couples briefly cross, fate holds an unexpected lesson for each of them.

DIRECTOR: Christoph Kuschnig
Producer: Martin Maier
Editor: Christoph Kuschnig, Brooke Sebold
Screenwriter: Karl Goldblat, Christoph Kuschnig
Cinematographer: Felix Striegel
Music: Bernd Dormayer
Principal Cast: Max Mayer,Vedran Kos,Tina Keserovic,Andreas Patton,Peter Faerber,Ursula Strauss,Michael Steinocher

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