Private Sun

Private Sun
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Private Sun
Palestinian Territories, 2011, 25 Minute Running Time
Topics: Family Friendly, Middle East
Language: Arabic

Awards: Remi Award Recipient (Worldfest) Movies on a Shoestring Trophy (Rochester)

Mariam tries to find private moments to sunbathe in the hope of reversing the vitamin D deficiency behind her bone disease. But between nosy neighbors, anoverbearing sister-in-law and Israeli surveillance planes, Palestine’s sunlight is not as accessible as it might seem.

DIRECTOR: Rami Alayan
Editor: Angela Reginato, Rami Alayan
Screenwriter: Rami Alayan
Cinematographer: Muayad Alayan
Music: Frank Gelat
Principal Cast: Shaden Saleem,Abeer El Masou,Mohammad Awwad,Nicolas Jarad,Therese Saba,Odeh Salameh

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