No Rest For The Wicked

No Rest For The Wicked
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No Rest For The Wicked
USA, 2011, 16 Minute Running Time
Topics: Action/Adventure, Black Comedy, Fantasy
Language: English

Spawned by the hit comic, “The Devil’s Handshake”, this wildly inventive tale centers around Moebius and Basil, two lovable scoundrels looking to make a quick fortune and craving adventure and excitement. When the two confront an underworld kingpin (Malcolm McDowell) in his lair while in pursuit of a precious artifact, the stage is set for a rollicking battle pitting our two intrepid heroes against the forces of the evil criminal mastermind.

DIRECTOR: Ryan Schifrin
Producer: Ryan Schifrin, Theresa Eastman Schifrin
Editor: Jason Richard Miller
Screenwriter: Ryan Schifrin
Cinematographer: Will Barratt
Music: Lalo Schifrin
Principal Cast: Ray Park,Zachary Levi,Malcolm McDowell,Jose Cantillo,Kane Hodder,Clare Grant,Crystal The Monkey,Walter Phelan,Rileah Vanderbilt

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