When The Night

When The Night  {Quando la notte}
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Saturday, January 14, 7:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Sunday, January 15, 7:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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When The Night
Quando la notte
Italy, 2011, 116 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Woman Director
Program: World Cinema
Language: Italian English Sub-Titles

Adapting her own novel, director Cristina Comencini (the Oscar-nominated Don’t Tell) tackles a taboo subject in contemporary culture: a young mother whose feelings for her two-year-old son are often less than loving. Marina (Italian TV star Claudia Pandolfi) and Marco are vacationing in a remote Alpine village, awaiting the arrival of Marco’s father. Going through the “terrible two” phase, Marco is a constantly crying handful and the frazzled Marina—kept at a distance by the locals—has only her taciturn neighbor Manfred (Filippo Timi, Mussolini in Marco Bellocchio’s Vincere), burdened with his own issues involving mothers, namely the ex-wife and mother of his absent children, as company. Marco is hurt one night and it is unclear whether it is an accident or a desperate act by Marina; Manfred feels compelled to get involved and a bond begins to develop…. The Alps serve as a spectacular backdrop for a drama exploring the boundaries of mother-child love while painting an intimate picture of a troubled young woman. Together, Comencini and Pandolfi have crafted a memorable look at an unexamined issue.

DIRECTOR: Cristina Comencini
Producer: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovani Stabilini, Marco Chimenz
Editor: Francesca Calvelli
Screenwriter: Cristina Comencini, Doriana Leondeff
Cinematographer: Italo Petriccione
Music: Andrea Farri
Principal Cast: Filippo Timi, Claudia Pandolfi, Thomas Trabacchi, Michela Cescon
Filmography: Black and White (2008), Don’t Tell (2005), The Best Day of My Life (2002)
Print Source: Celluloid Dreams - www.celluloid-dreams.com

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