Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale

Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale  {Sai te Ke Ba Lai (Seediq Bale)}
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Saturday, January 07, 6:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale
Sai te Ke Ba Lai (Seediq Bale)
Taiwan, 2011, 276 Minute Running Time
Topics: Asian, Epic, History, War
Program: Awards Buzz : Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Seediq, Japanese English Sub-Titles

Showing here in its original two part form, running to an epic four-and-a-half hours (not the bowdlerized 150-minute cut), Wei Te-Sheng’s panoramic re-telling of the bloody clash between a mountain tribe of aboriginal Taiwanese and the Japanese occupying army in 1930 is the most expensive film ever from the island nation. That it features scintillating set pieces peopled by a multitude of extras, bloody battle sequences, and a sweeping narrative suggests that the money is, as they say, all up on the screen. After decades of Japanese occupation, wherein the occupiers did their best to crush indigenous culture, the Seediq tribe planned and executed a massacre of Japanese in the village of Wushe. What followed was a brutal two-month siege, as the Japanese used their superior numbers to eventually decimate the rebels. Wei, however, avoids a simplistic heroes-and-villains scenario—the Seediq are shown to be as cruel as they are valiant, while the Japanese are granted a humanity not usually seen in films set in this period—and the film is all the more powerful for it.

DIRECTOR: Te-Sheng Wei
Producer: John Woo, Terence Change, Jimmy Huang
Editor: Chen Po-Wen, Milk Su, Cheung Ka-Fai
Screenwriter: Wei Te-Sheng
Cinematographer: Chin Ting-Chang
Music: Ricky Ho
Principal Cast: Lin Ching-Tai, Umin Boya, Ando Masanobu, Kawahara Sabu, Vivian Hsu, Lo Mei-Ling
Filmography: Cape No. 7 (2008), About July (1999)
Print Source: Well go USA - www.wellgousa.com

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