The Rif Lover

The Rif Lover  {L’amante du rif}
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Monday, January 09, 7:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Wednesday, January 11, 1:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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The Rif Lover
L’amante du rif
Morocco, 2011, 90 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France, Belgium
North American Premiere
Topics: Crime, Dance/Music, Gay/Lesbian, Woman Director, Women
Program: Arabian Nights
Language: Arabic, French English Sub-Titles

A bold, visually ravishing tale of women struggling against the bonds of tradition, The Rif Lover is another strongly feminist statement from Moroccan wirter/director Narjiss Nejjar. It centers on flirtatious 20-year-old Aya, who lives in a small village with her mother and two brothers. While their father labors as a fisherman in Spain, the guys opt for easier albeit less honest work in the employ of hashish trafficker “The Baron.” Aya and her best friend Raida spend their days sunning themselves on the beach and lounging on the roof of their connecting homes, longing for some romance to sweep them off their feet. Aya fetishizes Bizet’s Carmen (her cousin has given her a videotape of the opera) and craves the heroine’s power even though Raida reminds her, “He loves her, but in the end he kills her.” When Aya’s oldest brother secretly pimps her to the Baron, hoping to obtain his own field of cannabis, he sets in motion a dangerous game in which Aya is merely a pawn. Can a young woman schooled on naive notions of romance control her own destiny?

DIRECTOR: Narjiss Nejjar
Producer: Narjiss Nejjar
Editor: Julien Foure
Screenwriter: Narjiss Nejjar
Cinematographer: Maxime Alexandre
Music: Tal Haddad
Principal Cast: Nadia Kounda, Mourade Zeguendi, Nadia Niazi, Omar Lofti, Siham Assif
Filmography: Terminus des anges (2010), Wake Up Morocco (2006), Cry No More (2003)
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