My Best Enemy

My Best Enemy  {Mein bester feind}
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Thursday, January 12, 8:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Saturday, January 14, 11:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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My Best Enemy
Mein bester feind
Austria, 2011, 109 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Luxemberg
Topics: Comedy, Drama, Jewish Interest, War
Program: World Cinema
Language: German English Sub-Titles

A sketch by Michelangelo is at the centre of Wolfgang Murnberger’s daring dramatic comedy set in Nazi-occupied Austria and starring one of Germany’s most popular actors, Moritz Bleibtreu (Run Lola Run). As the scion of a Jewish family of art dealers in pre-war Vienna, Bleibtreu’s Victor Kaufmann has had a privileged upbringing, something that has always rankled his (non-Jewish) best friend Rudi (Georg Friedrich), son of the Kaufmann family’s housekeeper. Seeking advancement, Rudi joins the Nazi Party and, when Hitler invades Austria, he coldly betrays his former friend by alerting his superiors to a Michelangelo sketch the Kaufmanns have hidden in their home. But is it the real thing or one of the forgeries Kaufmann senior has on hand? So begins a twist-filled odyssey for Victor, as Murnberger injects doses of broad humor into a scenario usually treated with deadly earnestness. This is an audaciously entertaining picaresque from the producers of the 2008 Academy Award winner, The Counterfeiters.

DIRECTOR: Wolfgang Murnberger
Producer: Josef Alcholzer, Jani Thiltges
Editor: Evi Romen
Screenwriter: Paul Hengge, Wolfgang Murnberger
Cinematographer: Peter von Haller
Music: Matthias Weber
Principal Cast: Moritz Bleibtreu, Georg Friedrich, Ursula Strauss, Uwe Bohm, Marthe Keller, Udo Samel
Filmography: The Bone Man (2009), Silentium (2004), Bruder (2002)
US Distributor: Sundance Selects -

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