Man Without a Cell Phone

Man Without a Cell Phone  {Bidoun Mobile}
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Friday, January 06, 5:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 07, 10:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 10, 1:00 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Man Without a Cell Phone
Bidoun Mobile
Palestinian Territories, 2010, 80 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France, Belgium, Qatar
Topics: Comedy, Jewish Interest, Middle East
Program: Arabian Nights
Language: Arabic, Hebrew English Sub-Titles

This sharp, humorous take on the social milieu of a Palestinian village inside Israel centers on a youth who wants to flee the family nest. Dimpled charmer Jawdat is twenty years old and is having trouble passing his Hebrew exams to enter the university, so for now, he works for his cousin’s concrete business. Mostly, he just wants to have fun with his friends, talk on his cell phone and find love - a near impossible task in a place where politics and traditional values dominate. Adding to Jawdat's problems is his curmudgeonly father. Salem drags Jawdat and the entire village into his battle against an Israeli cell phone transmitter that he believes is damaging his olive harvest and the health of everyone in the vicinity. The social injustice faced by Israel's minority class only appears to take second place to a more jovial narrative here. That's due to smooth, sure-handed direction by Zoabi, who seems to realize good-natured humor often produces a far stronger impact than bludgeoning audiences with polemics.

DIRECTOR: Sameh Zoabi
Producer: Marie Gutman
Editor: Simon Jacquet
Screenwriter: Sameh Zoabi
Cinematographer: Hichame Alaouie
Music: Krishna Lévy
Principal Cast: Razi Shawahdeh, Basem Loulou, Louay Noufi, Ayman Nahas
Filmography: Debut Feature

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