Holidays By the Sea

Holidays By the Sea  {Ni a vendre, ni a louer}
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Monday, January 09, 4:00 PM
Palm Springs High School
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Wednesday, January 11, 10:00 AM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Holidays By the Sea
Ni a vendre, ni a louer
France, 2011, 77 Minute Running Time
Topic: Comedy
Program: World Cinema
Language: no dialogue

Awards: Winner: Best Director, Karlovy Vary Film Festival

A tribute to Jacques Tati’s classic comedy Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Holidays By The Sea is a chucklesome bit of whimsy. With no significant dialogue, this mix of skillful physical playing, judicious comic timing and absurd situations heightened by smart camerawork, editing and production design follows a cross-section of French types as their paths intersect during a weekend at the coast. First witnessed on their way to the shore, the characters include a retired couple, a pair of leather-clad punks, several families in a caravan park, a traveling salesman meeting his mistress, and two sets of unhappy spouses whose holiday is unexpectedly spiced up by a runaway kite. Besides plenty of erotic adventures, the action embraces games of golf and scrabble, life drawing, funeral rites, a visit to a nudist camp, and a near-hurricane. Rabaté comes from the world of graphic novels, and his sharp visual sense gives rise to numerous witty sight gags. With weather and landscape proving as important as the characters, the jokes revolve around modes of transportation and accommodation as well as l’amour. Winner: Best Director, Karlovy Vary Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Pascal Rabaté
Producer: Xavier Delmas
Editor: Jean- François Elie
Screenwriter: Pascal Rabaté
Cinematographer: Benoít Chamaillard
Music: Alan Pewzner
Principal Cast: Jacques Gamblin, Marie De Medeiros, François Damiens, Dominique Pinon, Marie Kremer, Gustave Kervern, François Morel
Filmography: Les petits ruisseaux (2010)
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