Footnote  {He’Arat Shulayim}
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Sunday, January 08, 1:30 PM
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Tuesday, January 10, 10:30 AM
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He’Arat Shulayim
Israel, 2011, 103 Minute Running Time
Topics: Comedy, Drama, Jewish Interest
Program: Awards Buzz : Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Hebrew English Sub-Titles

Awards: Cannes: Best Screenplay, Ophir Awards

It takes some chutzpah to fashion a gripping suspense film out of an academic spat between Talmudic scholars, but that’s what Joseph Cedar (Beaufort) has accomplished here, and in high style too. Professor Eliezer Shkolnik is at the peak of his career, respected by his peers at home and abroad, admired by his students and liked by everyone. Well, almost everyone… His father Uriel is not so easily impressed, and can barely contain his disdain for a mere “folklorist”. But all that changes when the old man is finally recognized with the state’s most prestigious academic award, the Israel Prize that has eluded him every year for decades. At last, his life’s work is vindicated. But even now, he can’t quite bring himself to lower his lofty standards and concede the merits of his son’s work… Cedar’s masterstroke is to make the son, Eliezer, so sympathetic. The Shkolniks’ rivalry is one-sided – yet multi-faceted. Reminiscent of the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man in its swift, acerbic comic tone, its bravura editing strategies and fundamental profundity, Footnote is utterly compelling and guaranteed to generate rich discussion. Winner: 9 Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Film, Director and Actor; Best Screenplay, Cannes Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Joseph Cedar
Producer: David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Joseph Cedar
Editor: Einat Glaser Zarhin
Screenwriter: Joseph Cedar
Cinematographer: Yaron Scharf
Music: Amit Poznansky
Principal Cast: Shlomo Bar Aba, Lior Ashkenazi, Alisa Rosen, Alma Zak, Daniel Markovich, Micah Lewesohn, Yuval Scharf, Nevo Kimchi
Filmography: Beaufort (2007), Campfire (2004), Time of Favour (2000)
Print Source: Sony Pictures Classics -

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