Corpo celeste

Corpo celeste
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Tuesday, January 10, 7:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Thursday, January 12, 1:00 PM
Annenberg Auditorium
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Corpo celeste
France, 2011, 100 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Switzerland/France
Topics: Comedy, Coming of Age, Religion, Woman Director, Women
Program: World Cinema
Language: Italian English Sub-Titles

An understated naturalism, anchored in the perfectly judged performance of Yle Vianello as the withdrawn 13-year-old protagonist Marta, imbues director Alice Rohrwacher’s feature debut with a bracing sense of immediacy and emotional honesty. Having been raised in Switzerland since she was a toddler, Marta’s return to her birthplace—the tradition-bound city of Reggio di Calabria in the “toe” of Italy’s boot—enhances the feelings of isolation her adolescent self is already experiencing. She observes the mystifying daily rituals of the locals and gamely takes her place among her fellow students preparing for the all-important Confirmation ceremony. Meanwhile, the harried local priest Don Mario (Salvatore Cantalupo), his hopes for promotion and relocation dependent upon the area’s imperious bishop, is coming undone. After being misunderstood and unjustly chastised, Marta’s anger threatens both her place and that of Don Mario’s in the community… . Rohrwacher’s Calabrian setting—alternately rundown and breathtakingly beautiful, industrial and primordially natural—reflects the clash between tradition and modernity perfectly embodied in Marta’s emotional upheaval. With Corpo Celeste, Rohrwacher has made a neorealist fable for our times.

DIRECTOR: Alice Rohrwacher
Producer: Carlo Cresto-Dino
Editor: Marco Spoletini
Screenwriter: Alice Rohrwacher
Cinematographer: Helene Louvart
Music: Piero Crucitti
Principal Cast: Yle Vianello, Salvatore Cantalupo, Pasqualina Scuncia, Anita Caprioli
Filmography: Checosamanca (2006) Documentary
Print Source: Film Movement -

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