Moonless Night

Moonless Night  {Noche sin Luna}

Moonless Night
Noche sin Luna
Mexico, 2010, 13 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Latino
Language: Spanish

Awards: Awarded the Hispanic Scholarship Fund/ Mcnamara Family Creative Arts Project Grant

Two men are last seen together on an apartment balcony in macho Mexico, and one subsequently winds up dead on the ground below. Is it murder, or is there more to the story than may come to light?

DIRECTOR: Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez
Producer: Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez
Editor: Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez
Screenwriter: Bethynia Cardenas Iñiguez
Cinematographer: Karla de la Peña Arcos
Principal Cast: Alberto Estrella,Alejandro de la Madrid,Armando Daniels,Marcia Coutiño Peracta,Andrés Francisco Torres Romo,Shaula Vega,Rosalinda Jiménez,Carlos Miguel Pascual Quiroz,Leonardo Paredes,Manuel Mora Paulin

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