How to Live Forever

How to Live Forever
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True Stories
Saturday, January 15, 2:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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True Stories
Sunday, January 16, 5:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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How to Live Forever
USA, 2009, 94 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: UK/ Iceland/ Japan
Topics: Comedy, Documentary, History, Road Movie
Program: True Stories
Language: English

Filmmaker Mark Wexler is not going down without a fight. Faced with the devastating loss of his mother and his own advancing age, Mark takes off on a curious, lively, sometimes troubling enquiry into how he might live forever. His search takes him to the places where people live longest, from Okinawa to Iceland. He journeys to Las Vegas to attend a funeral directors convention and the Ms. Senior America pageant. He contemplates a future in cold storage at a cryonics facility in Arizona. He receives exercise tips from Jack LaLanne, hormone replacement advice from Suzanne Somers, and promises of eternal life from biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey.

Yet the more he travels into the strange worlds of laughter yoga, elder porn, calorie restriction, and old-fashioned religion, the less sure he becomes of his goal. Can it be that life's true meaning is found in the humble chili dog? How To Live Forever is a fun, provocative, and searching look at the deepest mystery of life.

Director to attend screenings

DIRECTOR: Mark S. Wexler
Producer: Mark S. Wexler, Mark Luethi
Editor: Robert DeMaio
Screenwriter: Mark S. Wexler, Robert DeMaio
Cinematographer: Sarah Levy, Allan Palmer, Robin Probyn
Music: Stephen Cavit
Principal Cast: Jack LaLanne, Ray Bradbury, Aubrey de Grey, Phyllis Diller, Ray Kurzweil, John Robbins, Suzanne Somers, Marianne Williamson
Filmography: Tell Them Who You Are (2004), Me And My Matchmaker (1996)
Print Source: Wexler’s World -

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