Dusk  {Schemer}
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World Cinema Now
Wednesday, January 12, 4:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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World Cinema Now
Thursday, January 13, 10:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Netherlands, 2010, 89 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Coming of Age, Crime, Drama, Teen, Thriller
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Dutch English Sub-Titles

Loosely inspired by a crime that sent shockwaves through the Netherlands, Dusk offers a haunting search to discover why 15-year-old Jessie is murdered by her closest friends. A story of jealousy, insecurity and peer pressure gradually unfolds in an overlapping, a-chronological structure.

Over the summer, a group of six friends are inseparable. Scheming but ultimately fragile brunette Jessie is after Rico, even though the ladies' man is currently dating the always-suspicious tough gal Frauk. Jessie's best friend is the insecure Ilse, the girlfriend of the alpha male of the group, Caesar. Caesar, in turn, is the secret crush of the slightly older Mick, who's the only student with a car, which is neatly used as a way to place the kids together in cramped close quarters. The film shows how Caesar is able to magnify, out of all proportion, the small grievances that each of Jessie's friends bear towards her and transforms them into a general and pervasive hatred that leads ultimately to her senseless killing.

DIRECTOR: Hanro Smitsman
Producer: Michael John Fedun
Editor: Marc Bechtold
Screenwriter: Mieke de Jong
Principal Cast: Gaite Jansen, Mathijs van de Sande Bakhuysen, Roos Netjes, Melody Klaver, Robert de Hoog, Gerson Oratmangoen
Filmography: Skin (2008)
Print Source: Lemming Film - www.lemmingfilm.com

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