Square Meter

Square Meter  {Metro Cuadrado}
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New Voices/New Visions
Wednesday, January 12, 4:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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New Voices/New Visions
Friday, January 14, 10:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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Square Meter
Metro Cuadrado
Chile, 2010, 71 Minute Running Time
World Premiere
Topic: Drama
Program: New Voices/New Visions
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

For Francisca and Andres, moving in together is the beginning of a new life, littered with idealistic expectations. However, like the towers of boxes that they cannot seem to unpack, their pasts remain a constant presence in the new domicile. The visit of an estranged father, the appraising looks of an ex-spouse and indiscreet behavior at a dinner party, all chip away at the idyllic picture the love birds had conjured for themselves. Suddenly, there are signs of quiet disappointment evident as they go about their routine activities.

This is the North American premiere of the debut feature of director Nayra Ilic, one of a promising new generation of young Chilean filmmakers. In this extremely capable and self-assured work, Ilic does not shy away from letting the actors have their moment. There is a simplicity in the way quiet moments and awkward silences are captured, allowing audiences the rare treat of understanding what the characters are thinking without their having to say a word.

Director to attend screenings

DIRECTOR: Nayra Ilic
Producer: Paulo Parra
Editor: Ilasn Stehberg, Nayra Ilic
Screenwriter: Nayra Ilic
Cinematographer: Tomas Yovanne, Nicolas Canobra
Music: Nea, Dominique Depret, Los Linos
Principal Cast: Natalia Grez, Alvaro Viguera, Fernanda Urrejola, Boris Quercia
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: Trebol Film, L90 cinedigital - www.mt2film.com

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