Next Year in Bombay

Next Year in Bombay
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True Stories
Saturday, January 08, 5:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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True Stories
Monday, January 10, 10:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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Next Year in Bombay
France, 2010, 55 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: India
North American Premiere
Topics: Documentary, Jewish Interest
Program: True Stories
Language: English English Sub-Titles


About 2000 years ago a Jewish community, fleeing persecution in Galilee, landed on the coast of India and settled there. The Indian caste system enabled them to blend into Indian society without losing their own distinctive Jewish character. Soon they prospered, calling themselves Bene Israel. So large were their numbers that in the 19th century, a street in Alibag was called Israel Lane. Although they never faced anti-Semitism, most of them moved to Israel in the 1950s and today barely 4000 are left in Mumbai and its region.

Jacob Dandekar, a 76-year-old chazzan, prays alone three times a day and has no one to wish “Shabbat Shalom” to. With its numbers rapidly dwindling, Indian Jewish culture could evaporate within one generation. Sharon and Sharona Galsulkar are the last teachers of the community. Trained in Jerusalem, they have relentlessly worked towards a better Indian Jewish life. However, as their daughters grow older, they must decide whether they should stay with their diminishing community or move to Israel and provide the girls with a more rounded Jewish lifestyle.

Preceded by I Was A Child Of Holocaust Survivors, directed by Anne Marie Fleming, Canada, 16 min. An adaptation of the acclaimed memoir of the same name, this inventive animation weaves together a political and personal history using the healing power of humor.

Directors of Next Year in Bombay and I Was a Child of Holocaust Survivors to attend screenings

DIRECTOR: Mathias Mangin, Jonas Pariente
Producer: Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin
Editor: Luc Forveille
Cinematographer: Jonas Pariente, Mathias Mangin
Music: Raphael Elig
Filmography: Debut Feature for both
Print Source: JMT Films -

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