Little Rose

Little Rose  {Rózyczka}
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World Cinema Now
Friday, January 07, 3:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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World Cinema Now
Monday, January 10, 9:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Little Rose
Poland, 2010, 118 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, History, Jewish Interest, Political, Religion, Romance
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Polish English Sub-Titles

Awards: Gdynia Film Festival 2010 (Grand Prize, Best Actress, Audience Award)

Inspired by real events in mid-1960s Poland, Little Rose is a riveting exposé of how government agents infiltrated and informed on groups of writers and artists. Becoming progressively more gripping, this film à clef is ultimately about the price one is willing to pay for love.

Pressured by his superiors to disgrace public intellectual Warczewski, a professor and respected writer whom they believe to be a "camouflaged Zionist," rough security-services colonel Rozek enlists his sexy but naive girlfriend, Kamila, to insinuate herself into the distinguished older man's life and report on his every move. Not particularly interested in serving communism but eager to please her domineering lover, Kamila accepts the mission, reporting under the code name "Little Rose." As quick scenes contrast Kamila's crude pleasures with Rozek and her more refined experiences with Warczewski, it becomes clear that the more time the unschooled young woman spends with the professor, the more she comes to have true feelings for him. The script finds effective ways to depict her political education and late-dawning awareness of how Rozek has used her. Likewise, the anti-Semitism of the times is evoked crudely but clearly. Winner, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Sound, Gydnia Film Festival; Best Director, Moscow Film Festival.

Director & Actor to attend screening

DIRECTOR: Jan Kidawa-Blonski
Producer: Wodzimierz Niderhaus
Editor: Cezary Grzesiuk
Screenwriter: Maciej Karpinski, Jan Kidawa-Blonski
Cinematographer: Piotr Wojtowicz
Music: Micha Lorenc
Principal Cast: Andrzej Seweryn, Magdalena Boczarska, Robert Wieckiewicz
Filmography: Skazany na bluesa (2005), Wirus (1996)

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