The Hunter

The Hunter  {Shekarchi}
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World Cinema Now
Friday, January 14, 9:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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World Cinema Now
Sunday, January 16, 3:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Hunter
Iran, 2010, 92 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Germany
US Premiere
Topics: Drama, Middle East
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Farsi English Sub-Titles

After losing his family during the run-up to Iran's disputed 2009 elections, a Tehrani man snaps and turns sniper in this low-key fifth feature from Iranian director/writer Rafi Pitts (whose It's Winter won the PSIFF ”New Visions” award in 2007). Boasting expressive landscapes, a strong, visceral sound design, and an oblique narrative, the indirect storytelling might be read as a political statement of sorts.

Ex-con Ali (director Pitts) lives in Tehran, so noisy and full of nerve-jangling traffic that it resembles L.A. at rush hour. He shares a tiny apartment in a high-rise overlooking the highway with wife Sara and 6-year-old daughter Saba. One night, Sara and Saba fail to return home. After a frustrating wait at the police station, Ali learns that Sara's been killed in crossfire between police and protestors. After it seems that his daughter died, too, Ali takes his high-powered scope rifle and shoots two policemen. As the action moves along with the fleeing Ali from an urban landscape of concrete and expressways to the hinterlands' misty forests, the focus falls on a pair of feuding policemen who take him captive, leading to, depending on how one reads it, an ironic or cynical ending.

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DIRECTOR: Rafi Pitts
Producer: Thanassis Karathanos, Mohammad Reza Takhtkeshian
Editor: Hassan Hassandoost
Screenwriter: Rafi Pitts
Cinematographer: Mohammad Davudi
Principal Cast: Rafi Pitts, Mitra Hajjar, Ali Nicksaulat, Hassan Ghalenoi, Manoochehr Rahimi
Filmography: It’s Winter (2007), Abel Ferrara: Not Guilty (2003), Sanam (1999), Season Five (1997)
Print Source: Olive Films -

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