Nothing’s All Bad

Nothing’s All Bad  {Smukke Mennesker}
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New Voices/New Visions
Wednesday, January 12, 12:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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New Voices/New Visions
Thursday, January 13, 4:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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WINNER: New Voices New Vision Award
Monday, January 17, 5:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Nothing’s All Bad
Smukke Mennesker
Denmark, 2010, 93 Minute Running Time
Topic: Drama
Programs: Best of the Fest, New Voices/New Visions
Language: Danish English Sub-Titles


First-time writer/director Mikkel Munch-Fals offers a thematically daring, bleakly funny and smoothly executed drama that focuses on two intersecting parent-child relationships, the role of sexuality and its dysfunctions, and the pervasive sense of loneliness in modern urban living. Ambitious, yes, but perfectly played and strikingly original, as well. In her 30s, Anna undergoes a mastectomy, with all the attendant loss—physical and psychological—that that experience implies. Be advised, Munch-Fals uses some disturbing imagery to convey Anna’s new self.

Meanwhile, Anna’s mother is dealing with the death of her husband and encroaching loneliness. When Anna is confronted in a park by Anders, whose tendency to expose himself in public is uncontrollable, director Munch-Fals begins to tie together the various narrative strands, strands that also include Anders’s son Jonas, a hustler whose good looks have come to seem more a curse than a blessing. Adding a level of irony and sardonic wit to what can seem, on the surface, to be deadly serious subjects, Munch-Fals treads a dangerous, but ultimately rewarding, cinematic path.

DIRECTOR: Mikkel Munch-Fals
Producer: Meta Louise Foldager, Stine Meldgaard Madsen
Editor: Carsten Sosted
Screenwriter: Mikkel Munch-Fals
Cinematographer: Eric Kress
Music: Jomi Massage
Principal Cast: Bodil Jorgensen, Henrik Prip, Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt, Sebastian Jessen
Filmography: Debut Feature
Print Source: The Danish Film Institute -

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