An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes

An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes  {Zemský ráj to napohled}
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World Cinema Now
Wednesday, January 12, 4:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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World Cinema Now
Friday, January 14, 10:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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An Earthy Paradise for the Eyes
Zemský ráj to napohled
Czech Republic, 2010, 114 Minute Running Time
Topics: Coming of Age, Drama, History, Political, Romantic Comedy, Woman Director, Women
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Czech English Sub-Titles

This wry comedy chronicles the adventures of a Czech mother and her two daughters in the wake of the 1968 Russian invasion, capturing the euphoria of the liberalized, democratized Prague Spring that Soviet tanks were dispatched to repress. The strong, sardonic script evokes a lingering free-spiritedness under adverse conditions and the solidarity in absurdity that persisted in the dark days following the clampdown.

Film production coordinator Marta, her daughters Gabina and Madja, and Marta's live-in lover Mirek drive home from vacation to almost literally run into tanks in the streets. Marta adapts surprisingly well to the aftermath of the Soviet siege. Her production experience in handling excitable directors at the Prague film studios, as well as coping with the self-important posturings of her famous actor ex-husband, has prepared her to deal with practically anything -- including the fear and paranoia that sets in after the city's initial resistance to the Russians proves futile. As bureaucratic yes-men steadily replace talented individualists, Marta and her daughters continue to frequent the dens of artists and activists and meet with the same freethinkers whose activities increasingly come under suspicion and persecution. Winner, Best Actress, FIPRESCI prize, Moscow Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Irena Pavlaskova
Producer: Jaroslav Kucera, Viktor Schwarcz, Jordi Niubo
Editor: Alois Fisarek
Screenwriter: Tereza Bouckova
Cinematographer: Divis Marek
Music: Jiri Chlumecky
Principal Cast: Vilma Cibulkova, Miroslav Etzler, Tereza Voriskova, Dana Markova, Jiri Dvorak, Ondrej Vetchy
Filmography: Bestiarium (2007), The Time of Debts (1998), Corpus Delicti (1991), The Time of Servants (1989)
Print Source: Czech Television -

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