My Life with Carlos

My Life with Carlos  {Mi vida con Carlos}
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True Stories
Saturday, January 08, 8:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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True Stories
Sunday, January 09, 11:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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My Life with Carlos
Mi vida con Carlos
Chile, 2010, 82 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Spain / Germany
Topics: Documentary, History, Jewish Interest, Latino, Political
Program: True Stories
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles


My Life with Carlos is the journey of a son in search of the memory of his assassinated father. More than 30 years of silence are broken when Chilean-born Germán Berger-Hertz starts to piece together the puzzle of his father’s life. In 1973, when Berger-Hertz was only a year old, his father was brutally killed under the newly installed Pinochet regime. Berger revisits the legacy of the man he never knew and the regime that devastated the country.

This lyrical and personal documentary combines the emotions of an intimate melodrama with thriller-like tension. Berger weaves his first person narration with beautifully shot scenes, candid interviews, and chilling videos of Pinochet-era violence. In a country where the past remains mostly in the shadows, his exploration of how the pain of injustice permeates not only his family but also the fabric of the country transforms his work in a cathartic and ultimately healing experience for everyone involved.

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DIRECTOR: German Berger-Hertz
Producer: Paula Garcia
Editor: Andrea Chignoli, Danielle Fillios
Screenwriter: German Berger-Hertz, Joaquim Jorda, Roberto Brodsky
Cinematographer: Miguel Littin-Menz
Music: Miranda & Tobar
Principal Cast: Narrator: German Berger-Hertz
Filmography: Viaje a Narragonia (2003)
Print Source: Todo por las niñas -

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