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Monday, January 10, 5:00 PM
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Tuesday, January 11, 10:30 AM
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Belgium, 2010, 94 Minute Running Time
Topics: Drama, Thriller
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Dutch English Sub-Titles

Tapping into contemporary paranoia about computer hackers and privacy in the Internet age with a romantic twist, Pulsar is a taut little thriller that's big on atmosphere, if low on budget. When Brussels-based medical courier Samuel’s girlfriend Mireille goes to New York for an internship at an architectural firm, the two regularly phone, email, text, instant-message and video-conference each other.

One day, Samuel finds he can't log in to his network because another, unknown user has locked him out. He calls in the services of several IT specialists to reset his passwords and reboot his home network, but the problem persists. Technology further conspires to feed his paranoia that Mireille is drifting away from him: He can hear her flirting with a colleague on a voicemail she accidentally leaves him, and fails to take up his offers to chat via instant message. And then, someone -- maybe Samuel not in his right mind, or maybe a hacker -- uses Samuel's email address to split up with her, pretending to be Samuel. Is he being hacked, or is he suffering from some kind of mental breakdown? Winner, Critics’ Prize, Hamburg Film Festival.

DIRECTOR: Alex Stockman
Producer: Kaat Camerlynck, Alex Stockman
Editor: Nico Leunen
Screenwriter: Alex Stockman
Cinematographer: Sébastien Koeppel
Music: Guy Van Nueten
Principal Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts, Tine Van den Wyngaert, Sien Eggers, Vincent Lécuyer, Nico Sturm, Gordon Wilson
Filmography: I Know I’ll See Your Face Again (2001)
Print Source: Corridor - www.pulsar-movie.com

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