The Audit (Line Item: Foster Child)

The Audit (Line Item: Foster Child)

The Audit (Line Item: Foster Child)
Canada, 2009, 9 Minute Running Time
Topics: Crime, Cult, Satire
Language: English

From the director of My Name is Poschsy: An Industrial Film (PSISF 2008) comes an insidious new sort of tax evasion. This time out our perhaps naive starlet, easily both victim and perpetrator, presents her case to the lens as she waits for the audit to begin.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Karen Hines.

DIRECTOR: Karen Hines
Producer: Karen Hines
Editor: James Francey
Screenwriter: Karen Hines
Cinematographer: Patrick McLaughlin
Music: Greg Morrison
Principal Cast: Karen Hines

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89 min.
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