Some Boys Don't Leave

Some Boys Don't Leave

Some Boys Don't Leave
USA, 2009, 17 Minute Running Time
Topic: Romance
Language: English

Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale) and Eloise Mumford (Mercy, Crash) star as the his and hers halves of a broken up couple who still share an apartment, even though his living space has been reduced to the hallway in front of her door. Some boys just don't know when to call it quits.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Maggie Kiley.

2010 SHORTFEST AWARD WINNER: Alexis Award for Best Emerging Student Filmmaker

DIRECTOR: Maggie Kiley
Producer: Jason Potash
Editor: Cindy Thoennessen
Screenwriter: Maggie Kiley, Matthew Mullen
Cinematographer: Chayse Irvin
Music: Matthew Puckett
Principal Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Eloise Mumford, Jennifer Rau, Keith Stone

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84 min.
First, comes love. What follows next (all too quickly for some of us) is love gone bad. And for these misbegotten lovers, when love goes bad, it goes really bad.... more

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