Germany, 2010, 28 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: United Kingdom
World Premiere
Topics: Drama, Gay/Lesbian, Seniors
Language: German

Hermann is 67 years old and lonely. He does have his Budgie, Gloria. He distracts himself from his solitude with his love for ornithology and rigidly structured days, yet he is still full of desire -- until he meets Jorge.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Hana Geissendorfer.

2010 SHORTFEST AWARD WINNER: Best Live Action Short over 15 minutes

DIRECTOR: Hana Geissendorfer
Editor: Frank Brandstetter
Screenwriter: Hana Geissendorfer
Cinematographer: Felix Poplawsky
Music: Daniel Werner
Principal Cast: Dietrich Hollinderbaeumer, Dietrich Adam, Horst D. Scheel, Lilli Hollunder, Steffen Will

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BEST OF THE FEST 2010: Jury Awards   

BEST OF THE FEST 2010: Jury Awards
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