First Day of Peace

First Day of Peace  {Prvi Dan Mira}

First Day of Peace
Prvi Dan Mira
Bosnia-Herzegovina, 2009, 16 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: USA
Topics: Human Rights, War
Language: Bosnian English Sub-Titles

Emerging from his hide-out to plow his land when a peace agreement is announced in the midst of the civil war, Marco brings a moment of harmony to a landscape torn apart by the madness of war.
Filmmaker expected to attend: Director Mirko Rucnov.

DIRECTOR: Mirko Rucnov
Producer: Sonja Rucnov
Screenwriter: Mirko Rucnov
Cinematographer: Rolf Dekens
Principal Cast: Rajko Rucnov

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96 min.
It's not just war that gets fought on the front line.... more

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