Blind Eye

Blind Eye

Blind Eye
United Kingdom, 2009, 6 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Crime, Family
Language: English

A mother's protective instincts are put to the true test when she witnesses a bewildering confrontation on a bus while taking her young daughter to school one day. When does one's public duty override the maternal instinct for personal safety?
Filmmakers expected to attend: Director Laura Degnan, producer Laura Degnan.

DIRECTOR: Laura Degnan
Producer: John Phillips
Editor: Danielle Palmer
Screenwriter: Laura Degnan
Cinematographer: Nic Lawson
Music: Ed Farmer
Principal Cast: Liz White, Tigerlily Hutchinson, Scott McNess, Georgia Henshaw, Rafaella Hutchinson, Megan Jones, Reece Larwood, Julian Gibbs, Jasper Robb, Ellie Lavan, Sheila Uddin, Kevin Keany, Simone Law, Leoni Kibbey

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