A Good Friend of Mr. World

A Good Friend of Mr. World

A Good Friend of Mr. World
Sweden, 2009, 15 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topic: Gay/Lesbian

Jonas, a good-looking rent boy, has gotten himself involved with some very powerful men involved in the international drug trade.
Filmmakers expected to attend: Producer Love Svensson.

DIRECTOR: Axel Petersén
Producer: Love Svensson
Screenwriter: Axel Petersén
Cinematographer: Mans Mansson, Axel Petersén
Principal Cast: Jonas Tingström, Peter Sjöström, Nabli Abdel Kader

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94 min.
A striking selection of edgy, twisted tales about the further reaches of gay experience, with one goofy parody of a famed horror movie thrown in for good measure.... more

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