Looking for Eric

Looking for Eric
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Wednesday, January 13, 4:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Friday, January 15, 10:30 AM
Camelot Theatres
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Looking for Eric
United Kingdom, 2009, 116 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France/Italy/Belgium/Spain
Topics: Buddy Picture, Comedy
Program: Modern Masters
Language: English

Lauded director Ken Loach's (The Wind That Shakes the Barley) whimsical dramedy centers on miserable postman Eric Bishop, whose only joy is the Manchester United football team. When the team's former star Eric Cantona magically materializes in his bedroom to offer advice, Bishop realizes he must begin putting his life back together.

Producer: Rebecca O'Brien
Editor: Jonathan Morris
Screenwriter: Paul Laverty
Cinematographer: Barry Ackroyd
Music: George Fenton
Principal Cast: Steve Evets, Eric Cantona, John Henshaw, Stephanie Bshop
Filmography: It's a Free World... (2007), The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006), Ae Fond Kiss (2004), Bread & Roses (2000), Riff-Raff (1991), Poor Cow (1967)
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