Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor  {Medalia de Onoare}
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Monday, January 11, 6:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 12, 9:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Wednesday, January 13, 1:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Medal of Honor
Medalia de Onoare
Romania, 2009, 106 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Germany
North American Premiere
Topics: Drama, Seniors
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Romanian English Sub-Titles

Awards: "Best Actor, FIPRESCI, Best Script, Special Jury Award"

Told with precision, irony and extraordinary performances, this immensely touching film encapsulating Romania's shift from Communism to Capitalism, centers on a 75-year-old man awarded a Medal of Honor for unspecified "heroic" actions during World War II. Winner, Jury Award, Best Actor, Best Screenplay, FIPRESCI Award, Thessaloniki Film Festival.

Filmmaker expected to attend:  Director Calin Peter Netzer

DIRECTOR: Calin Peter Netzer
Producer: Liviu Marghidan, Karl Baumgartner, Ada Solomon
Editor: Catalin F. Cristutiu
Screenwriter: Tudor Voican
Cinematographer: Liviu Marghidan
Principal Cast: Victor Rebengiuc, Camelia Zorlescu, Mircea Andreescu, Ion Lucian, Radu Beligan, Costica Draganescu
Filmography: Maria (2003)

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