The Milk of Sorrow

The Milk of Sorrow  {La Teta Asustada}
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Saturday, January 09, 8:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Monday, January 11, 11:30 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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The Milk of Sorrow
La Teta Asustada
Peru, 2009, 100 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Spain
Topics: Latino, Woman Director, Women
Program: Awards Buzz: Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

Awards: "Berlin Film Festival 09 (Golden Bear, FIPRESCI Prize)"

Winner of the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin festival, this striking and supremely stylish drama deals with the aftermath of the war on terrorism through the story of simple maid Fausta and her attempts to come to grips with her illness of fear.

Filmmaker expected to attend Jan.9 screening:  Director Claudia Llosa

DIRECTOR: Claudia Llosa
Producer: Antonio Chavarrias, José Maria Morales, Claudia Llosa
Editor: Frank Gutierrez
Screenwriter: Claudia Llosa
Cinematographer: Natasha Braier
Principal Cast: Magaly Solier, Susi Sánchez, Efraín Solis, Marino Ballón
Filmography: Madeinusa (2006)
Print Source: The Match Factory

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