Alive!  {Gjalle!}
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Saturday, January 16, 5:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Sunday, January 17, 12:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Albania, 2009, 90 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Austria/France
US Premiere
Topics: Crime, Drama
Program: Awards Buzz: Best Foreign Language Film
Language: Albanian English Sub-Titles

A carefree Albanian student gets drawn into an ancient gjakmarrja, or blood feud, when he returns to his native village for his father's funeral. This fascinating drama considers how deeply the traditions of one's forebears can affect one's life.

Filmmaker expected to attend:  Director Artan Minarolli

DIRECTOR: Artan Minarolli
Producer: Vincent Lucassen, Artan Minarolli, Ebba Sinzinger, Marie Balducchi
Editor: Oliver Neumann
Screenwriter: Artan Minarolli
Cinematographer: Jacques Bouquin
Music: Baptiste Bouquin
Principal Cast: Nik Xhelilaj, Bruno Shllaku, Besart Kallaku, Nijada Saliasi, Xhevdet Ferri, Luljeta Bitri
Filmography: The Moonless Night (2004), The Clay Bullet (1994), One Hundred Percent (1993)
Print Source: WILDart FILM

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