PROGRAM: Alien/Nation

PROGRAM: Alien/Nation
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Thursday, June 25, 1:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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PROGRAM: Alien/Nation
95 Minute Running Time
Program: Short Film Programs

In recent years, immigration and the émigré experience have been a major topic of news, conversation and of course, films. And with good reason. While we've begun to think globally, another country never really feels like home.

Packaged Films...

The Flyer   

The Flyer
Scotland, 2008, 16 min.
This Bafta Award-winning short explores the plight of Anna, a struggling Polish émigré who pines for her boyfriend back home, even as a young coworker who's obviously enamored of her tries to bring her out of her shell.... more


Norway, 2009, 20 min.
Two brothers face their shared realities from different sides of the fence: one is legal, one is not. When the security of their sanctuary becomes more stifling than safe, the lure of freedom at any cost is overwhelming.... more

Kingsland #1: The Dreamer   

Kingsland #1: The Dreamer
United Kingdom, 2008, 21 min.
An engrossing story about a young Kurdish émigré who tries to meld into the teeming world of London unequipped with the language or basic skills he'll need to make it in this alien new world that he's entered.... more

Teleglobal Dreamin' <i>(Work in progress)</i>   

Teleglobal Dreamin' (Work in progress)
Philippines, 2009, 18 min.
Rosa, a call center agent in Davao City, Phillippines, plays host to Dale, a small-time actor turned corporate-trainer visiting from the States. But Rosa's efforts to impress both her friends and Dale have disastrous results.... more

Why Sabreen?   

Why Sabreen?
Palestine, 2008, 20 min.
Two young Palestinian lovers navigate their socially-conservative and Israeli-controlled community, dreaming of being together.... more

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