Arioi Women

Arioi Women  {E Arioi Vahine}

Arioi Women
E Arioi Vahine
Australia, 2008, 16 Minute Running Time
North American Premiere
Topics: Coming of Age, Dance/Music, Drama, History, Woman Director

Mid-16th century Tahiti sets the stage for this mythic story of a young girl who yearns to dance as part of the privileged Arioi Tribe. The magical movements of the dancers mimic the rhythms of the earth, nature and Woman. But when the young girl finds herself part of those very same rhythms, an extraordinary sacrifice is expected.
Director Virginie Tetoofa, producer Tamasin Simpkin, associate producers Aunoa Tea & Teinauri Tareparepa attending.

DIRECTOR: Virginie Tetoofa
Editor: Virginie Tetoofa
Screenwriter: Virginie Tetoofa
Cinematographer: Michael Latham
Principal Cast: Manavarii Ravetupu, Perehani Temarii

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