India, 2008, 20 Minute Running Time
Topics: Asian, Drama
Language: Hindi English Sub-Titles

Working as the maid -- and essentially slave -- to a cantankerous older woman for years in the teeming city of Mumbai, Anita finally makes up her mind to escape her predicament. But can she deal with the real world that lies outside the gilded cage in which she's been trapped for so many years?
Director Sushrut Jain attending.

DIRECTOR: Sushrut Jain
Producer: Sushrut Jain, Julie Platner
Editor: Chris Meagher
Screenwriter: Sushrut Jain
Cinematographer: Pankaj Kumar
Principal Cast: Swati Sen, Anangsha Biswas, Daisy Irani

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PROGRAM: Working Stiffs   

PROGRAM: Working Stiffs
85 min.
More tales of the working stiff, with a particular tilt toward the more unconventional and eccentric genus of the species.... more

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