$5 a Day

$5 a Day
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Sunday, January 11, 3:30 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Wednesday, January 14, 1:15 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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$5 a Day
USA, 2008, 90 Minute Running Time
Topics: Buddy Picture, Comedy, Road Movie, Seniors
Program: Gala Screenings
Language: English

An aging con artist (Christopher Walken) bamboozles his estranged son into a long-distance road trip. The course of their journey provides an opportunity for the hilarious playing out of audacious scams and ultimately, filial reconciliation. With Sharon Stone in the briefest of black bikinis and a transparent negligee.

DIRECTOR: Nigel Cole
Producer: Kia Jam, Carol Baum, Jane Goldenring
Editor: Susan Littenberg
Screenwriter: Neal Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky
Cinematographer: Peter Donahue
Music: Alex Wurman
Principal Cast: Christopher Walken, Alessandro Nivola, Sharon Stone, Amanda Peet, Dean Cain, Peter Coyote
Filmography: A Lot Like Love (2005), Calendar Girls (2003), Saving Grace (2000)
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This film is playing as a part of...

20th Anniversary Celebration - $5 a Day   

20th Anniversary Celebration - $5 a Day
120 min.
Marking its U.S. premiere, $5 a Day (USA) is a tale of a son forced to reunite with his con-artist father during a cross-country odyssey. Directed by Nigel Cole, the film stars Christopher Walken, Allesandro Nivolo, Amanda Peet and Sharon Stone.... more

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