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Ireland, 2008, 72 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Sweden
Topics: Comedy, Dance/Music, Drama
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: English

Two feisty Irish preteens flee their abusive homes at Christmas. Arriving in Dublin, they spend all they have on new running shoes and clothes, but as the night wears on, the fun starts to wear thin. Featuring enchanting performances from two unknowns, Kisses provides a unique perspective on poverty and violence.

DIRECTOR: Lance Daly
Producer: Lance Daly, Macdara Kelleher
Editor: J. Patrick Duffner
Screenwriter: Lance Daly
Music: GoBlimpsGo
Principal Cast: Kelly O'Neill, Shane Curry, Stephen Rea, Neilí Conroy, Paul Roe
Filmography: The Halo Effect (2004), Last Days in Dublin (2001)

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