Tengri: Blue Heavens

Tengri: Blue Heavens  {Tengri}
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Saturday, January 10, 5:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Monday, January 12, 11:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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Tengri: Blue Heavens
Kyrgyzstan, 2008, 110 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France/Germany
Topics: Drama, Environment, Family Friendly, Road Movie, Romance, Woman Director
Program: Awards Buzz
Language: Kyrgyz, Russian, French English Sub-Titles

Awards: Official Oscar Submission 2008, Best Foreign Language Film

Starting in a traditional Kyrgyz mountain jailoo, a yurt village where men rule and women work, Tengri offers classic lovers-on-the-run melodrama set amid spectacular widescreen backdrops.

DIRECTOR: Marie Jaoul de Poncheville
Producer: Talaibek Baponov, Emmanuel Schlumberger, Frank Müller
Editor: Catherine Quesemand
Screenwriter: Azamat Kadyraliev, Marie Jaoul de Poncheville, Jean-François Goyet
Cinematographer: Asan Imanaliev, Sylvie Carcedo
Music: Nikolai Marousitch, Birgit Løkke
Principal Cast: Albina Imacheva, Illmbek Kalmouratov, Hélène Patarot, Taalaikan Abazova, Nikolai Marousitch
Filmography: Molom: A Legend of Mongolia (1995), Lung Ta: Forbidden Tibet (1990)
Print Source: Atrix Films GmbH

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