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Saturday, August 23, 11:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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88 Minute Running Time
Program: Short Film Programs

The past is prologue to the future, and this look back at some of the events and issues that have shaped our political landscape and social consciousness over the course of the last half century reflect who we are today. On the eve of an election which will shape America's future, have we learned from our past?

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USA, 2008, 30 min.
This fascinating film explores the American involvement in Nicaragua during the Regan years -- the rise of the Sandanistas, the emergence of the U.S.-backed contras and the fate of the Americans who went there to help rebuild the country, only to get caught in the political and military crossfire.... more

Black Death in Dixie   

Black Death in Dixie
USA, 2007, 25 min.
Exploring the historical and contemporary inequities of the death penalty and the justice system in America, this riveting documentary paints a vivid picture of judicial bias and inequities, whose roots are entrenched in the system of slavery that ruled this country for so many years.... more

The Witness: The View from Room 306   

The Witness: The View from Room 306
USA, 2008, 33 min.
WON: Best Documentary Short & Audience Favorite Documentary Short This riveting short documentary recounts the incidents leading up to, during and immediately after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., utilizing archival footage and photos, first-hand accounts, and intervi... more

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