Dasepo Naughty Girls

Dasepo Naughty Girls  {Dasepo Sonyo}
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Sunday, January 06, 9:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Tuesday, January 08, 10:00 AM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Dasepo Naughty Girls
Dasepo Sonyo
South Korea, 2006, 103 Minute Running Time
Topics: Asian, Black Comedy, Comedy, Erotic
Program: World Cinema Now
Language: Korean

While attending No Use High School, Poor Girl has fallen head-over-heels for rich kid Anthony, who in turn has an obsession with the class virgin's sister. If their paths are to cross, they'll have to negotiate a demon principal, a transgendered hottie and numerous karaoke sing-a-longs.

Producer: Ahn Dong-kyul
Editor: Choi Jae-keun, Uhm Jin-hwa
Screenwriter: E J-Yong
Cinematographer: Chung Jung-hong
Music: Jang Young-gyu
Principal Cast: Kim Ok-bin, Lee Kyun, Park Jin-woo
Filmography: Untold Scandal (2003), Soon Ae Boh (2000), Jungsa (1998)
Print Source: Mirovision Inc.

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