Kill Them All

Kill Them All  {Matar a todos}
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Thursday, January 10, 8:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Sunday, January 13, 4:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Kill Them All
Matar a todos
Uruguay, 2007, 97 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Chile/Argentina
Topics: Drama, Political, Thriller
Program: Cine Latino
Language: Spanish English Sub-Titles

In this political thriller, Julia, a Uruguayan prosecutor, investigates the disappearance of a Chilean chemist with ties to Pinochet’s regime, revealing an international conspiracy. Julia must face her greatest fears and dig deep into her own past if she holds any hope of discovering the truth.

DIRECTOR: Esteban Schroeder
Producer: Sergio Gandara, Pablo Salomón, Sergio Miranda, Yvonne Ruocco, Patrica Méndea, Esteban Schroeder
Editor: Soledad Salfate
Screenwriter: Pablo Vierci, Alejandra Marino, Daniel Henríques
Cinematographer: Sergio Armstrong
Music: Martín Pavlovsky
Principal Cast: Roxana Blanco, Walter Reyno, César Troncoso, María Izquierdo, Darío Grandinetti
Filmography: Debut Feature Film

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