Jellyfish  {Meduzot}
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Friday, January 04, 1:00 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Saturday, January 05, 7:30 PM
Palm Springs Regal 9
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Israel, 2007, 78 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: France
Topics: Drama, Woman Director
Program: New Israeli Cinema: L'Chaim!
Language: Hebrew/French English Sub-Titles

Winner of Cannes’ prestigious Camera d’Or, this tightly constructed, cleverly stylized, serio-comic ensemble piece set in contemporary Tel Aviv offers different story strands that share themes including the need for affection and the struggle to communicate.

DIRECTOR: Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret
Producer: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait, Yaël Fogiel, Laetitia Gonzales
Editor: Sasha Franklin, François Gédigier
Screenwriter: Shira Geffen
Cinematographer: Antoine Héberlé
Music: Christopher Bowen
Principal Cast: Sarah Adler, Nikol Leidman, Gera Sandler, Noa Knoller, Ma-nenita De Latorre, Zharira Charifai
Filmography: Debut Feature Film
Print Source: Pyramide International

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