Baptism of Blood

Baptism of Blood  {Batismo de Sangue}
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Wednesday, January 09, 8:00 PM
Camelot Theatres
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Friday, January 11, 11:00 AM
Camelot Theatres
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Baptism of Blood
Batismo de Sangue
Brazil, 2006, 110 Minute Running Time
Topic: Drama
Program: Cine Latino
Language: Portuguese English Sub-Titles

In the late 1960s, faithful to the gospel of the poor, and deeply touched by social inequality, a group of young Dominican friars in Sao Paolo become involved in the resistance against Brazil’s military dictatorship. Their loyalties and faith are put to the test in this rigorous account based on the book written by one of the survivors.

DIRECTOR: Helvécio Ratton
Producer: Helvécio Ratton
Editor: Mair Tavares
Screenwriter: Dani Patarra, Helvécio Ratton
Cinematographer: Lauro Escorel
Music: Marco Antonio Guimarães
Principal Cast: Caio Blat, Daniel de Oliveira, Angelo Antonio, Odilon Esteves, Leo Quintão
Filmography: Something in the Air (2002), Love & Co. (1998), The Puppets Dance (1986), Nutty, Nutty Boy (1995), In the Name of Reason (1979)

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