Tomcat  {Tomcat}

Germany, 2005, 14 Minute Running Time
Language: no dialogue

A frustrated alley cat is happy when a streetcar puts an end to his short life. But it’s not that easy for a cat to get away, because all cats have 9 lives...! He unwillingly returns to live several times until he falls in love and has at last something to live for, but not many lives left.

DIRECTOR: Tine Kluth

This film is playing as a part of...

Animal Attraction   

Animal Attraction
97 min.
Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! Our fascination with the animal world may just be because we know little separates us from the denizens of the feathered, finned or four legged world other than the ability to talk and to reason; that said, we do share certain “animal instincts…”... more

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