Sniffer  {Sniffer}

Norway, 2006, 10 Minute Running Time
Language: no dialogue

In a society where everyone has the ability to fly, the citizens anchor themselves to the ground via ‘gravitation boots’. One day a man decides he has enough and he’s going to attempt to challenge the status quo. He quits his job, loosens his bindings, and literally takes off.

DIRECTOR: Bobbie Peers

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Opening Night Gala: International Award Winning Shorts   

Opening Night Gala: International Award Winning Shorts
94 min.
This year’s award-winners from the Cannes, Berlin, Clermont-Ferrand, Annecy and Worldwide Short Film Festivals, together with the recent winner of the European Film Awards for Best Short will be among the highlights of this spectacular evening dedicated to the art of being short.... more

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