My Country, My Country

My Country, My Country
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Sunday, January 07, 6:30 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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Monday, January 08, 12:30 PM
Palm Canyon Theatre
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My Country, My Country
USA, 2006, 90 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Iraq
Topics: Documentary, Political, War, Woman Director
Program: Awards Buzz - Best Documentary Feature
Language: Kurdish, Arabic, English English Sub-Titles

Filmmaker Laura Poitras traveled to Baghdad shortly after the Abu Ghraib scandal became public and worked alone in the besieged country for eight months, assembling a vital snapshot of the chaotic and resilient Iraqi lives on the front lines.

DIRECTOR: Laura Poitras
Producer: Laura Poitras Jocelyn Glatzer
Editor: Erez Laufer Laura Poitras
Cinematographer: Laura Poitras
Music: Kadhum Al Sahir
Filmography: Flag Wars (2003)

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